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Safe & Secure


Nothing gets by us.  Know every time a door or window opens

Smart Sensors protect any entry point an intruder might come through, not just your front door. The security alarm sounds any time a protected entry point opens unexpectedly. Alarms send alerts to your Control Panel, Smart Home mobile app, and Smart Home Pros security monitoring teams.

Kiss your keys goodbye.

Who needs keys? With just the push of a button on your Kwikset Smart Lock, you can lock up, turn off lights, arm your security system, and adjust the temperature—all at the same time.

Welcome to your comfort zone.

The Smart Thermostat. Climate control from anywhere—and an average of 12% energy savings. Just the way you like it.

One less thing to worry about.

With the Garage Door Controller from Vivint, you can be sure your garage is as secure as the rest of your home. Open or close it with a simple swipe.

See who's there from anywhere.

Manage your doorstep—day or night—with the smart Doorbell Camera. You’ll always know who’s coming and going with this understated smart device, allowing you to answer your door, protect your porch, and guard against package theft.

Get the full view.

The Outdoor Cameras gives you the big picture—and the small details—outside your home. With our indoor Ping Camera, you can touch base with a tap.  Ping keeps you connected to your home and loved ones with the touch of a button of a button.

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