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Santa Clarita Solar Company Offers Cheaper Electricity With No Extra Payments

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A Santa Clarita solar company is debunking the commonly-believed myth that homeowners have to make extra payments for the solar panels themselves in order to get cheaper, cleaner electricity.

“I think people get confused (and)  they think that solar means that you have this payment on top of paying the utility company, and it’s not that, ”said Mandy Rami of HomeLink Pros Solar. “It’s that what you’re paying now becomes less when you go solar… It’s cheaper than what you’re doing right now, no matter how you slice it.” 

HomeLink Pros Solar Founder Mike Terry compared standard electricity to a 12-pack of soda at the grocery store, with solar acting as a 24-pack of the exact same soda, but with the same price tag. 

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“Here’s what everyone can agree on… You’re buying that 24-pack,” he said. “Why? Because when something is the same but costs less, people like that. It makes sense… If the utility company came to your house and said, ‘Hey, listen, we’d really like to lower your price of electricity. Can we do that?’ Nobody listening right now would say, ‘No, I like paying the higher prices.’”

Terry continued, “A lot of people have this idea that if there’s solar mixed into it, there’s got to be a catch. But what we’re really doing is lowering people’s price for electricity through the solar, and that’s all it really is.”  

The Santa Clarita solar power experts are so confident that most homeowners will want to switch to solar once they understand how it works, they gave away brand new Amazon Echos to anyone who scheduled a no-obligation consultation after their appearance on KHTS Radio on May 30. 

HomeLink Pros Solar staff are encouraging anyone interested in solar power to act now before harsh summer temperatures return, as the average homeowner with standard electricity pays half of their total costs for the year over the next three months because of the increase in air conditioning use.

“You will just lose money every day that you wait by paying your summer bills right now,” Rami said. “We’re getting solar installed in this area in about six weeks, so it’s super fast. We want to get people installed before your highest bills of the year.”

Ed. Note: This article is a KHTS Community Spotlight based on a recent radio interview with HomeLink Pros Solar.

The solar power experts from HomeLink Pros Solar provide homeowners with Santa Clarita solar panels designed to lower their electricity bills and improve their home life. The Santa Clarita solar company offers customized solar energy solutions tailored around each homeowner’s house and the way they live. If you’re in need of a solar company, Santa Clarita residents can read the solar reviews and contact HomeLink Pros Solar today to get more information about solar ownership, solar lease, Santa Clarita solar installation and more. 

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