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Yelp Reviews

Mike Terry, HomeLink
-Mike Terry, Founder

Thank you for taking the time to visit the HomeLink review page. You may be wondering why we aren’t on Yelp reviews. Before founding HomeLink in 2017, I worked at big solar companies and saw how a system designed for rating restaurants just didn’t work in our industry. What you see below is the analysis of the responses the big national company had received from its customers. Given that Yelp offers no transparency on what reviews get filtered, hidden or highlighted, along with the fact that a reviewer doesn’t need to be a Customer to review, I decided that other review sites were the best way for our Customers to let others know about their experiences. Please visit our Google Reviews or see our Facebook page.

Why would Yelp show a 3 star rating for a home improvement company with the below results?

Yelp uses a computer based algorithm to try to separate real reviews from fake reviews, and it hides or “filters” the reviews that it thinks are fake.

Unfortunately, most real solar power customers are not frequent users of Yelp (one of the criteria Yelp uses to filter reviews) and many of their reviews have been suppressed.

I feel it is important for potential customers to read all of the solar panel system reviews that have been posted about our business. Yelp doesn’t allow them to do that so we have avoided joining the Yelp network which ultimately exists to create ad revenue from companies whose potential Customers come to the site for reviews.

How do we collect customer solar panel installation reviews?

For the same reason that the majority of our new Customers each month come from referrals and word-of-mouth, homeowners who went solar with HomeLink often want to share their experience with others on Google Reviews. We have never offered an incentive to review us.

See why we score so high on Google Reviews!

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